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Play an introductory scenario and learn how our gamified, cyber range training platform works.

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  • It's designed to support progressive learning
  • Start wherever you need to and build up skills
  • There are foundational cyber security learning games (yes, games!)
  • Move up by applying concepts in realistic cyber scenario activities

About Project Ares

Project Ares is the perfect tool for any individual, team or organization looking to expand their cyber skillset and readiness posture. Project Ares allows cyber teams from enterprise, government, and higher education institutions to augment the cyber workforce by providing hands-on, gamified cyber range learning exercises that emulate networks at risk. Realistic scenarios engage teams and individuals in immersive virtual environments using real-world tools, network activity and a large library of authentic threat scenarios.

Project Ares cyber learning games and media library provide resources for learning cyber security basic concepts and can help a cyber novice get started. Foundational skills are taught though hands-on exercises in the virtual range that can be repeated with and without hints until mastered.

Users advance skills and develop critical thinking abilities to defeat threats built into more complex training scenarios. More experienced cyber professionals will be challenged in individual and team-based play that includes network recon and confronting threats like botnets, phishing and exfiltration, ransomware, and more.

Project Ares instructional designers and mission architects are constantly developing new cyber learning scenarios that reflect today’s cyber breach incidents.

Unlike compliance-driven teaching methods, gamified teaching engages students individually and in teams through modern learning strategies. It works by deploying connected, interactive, social settings that allow users to excel in competitive, strategic situations. It allows users to apply what they know to simulated environments, creating a natural “flow” that keeps them engaged and focused. Watch our on-demand webinar “why learning happens better with games” or read our blog on “the benefits of gamification” for more information.