UAE Certifications are conducted in partnership with British University in Dubai (BUiD)

Certified Network Infiltration & Assessment Specialist (C-NIAS)

The ability to conduct network reconnaissance, discovery, and enumeration is a critical core competency required for both defensive and offensive cybersecurity operations. In defensive mode these skills are used to identify vulnerabilities, defend network assets, and protect organizational operations from threats posed by malicious actors. During offensive cyber operations these skills are employed to identify high-value network targets for exploitation missions and penetration testing. Regardless of the implementation, Information Security professionals tasked with these missions must possess a strong foundation of technical knowledge, analytical expertise, and the intuition to implement solutions in ways that align with strategic organizational objectives.

The Certified Network Infiltration & Assessment Specialist course provides 16 detailed learning domains, Project Ares Cyber Range skills, and practical network reconnaissance, infiltration, and assessment labs

The Certified Network Infiltration & Assessment Specialist course is a component of the career progression track that supports the required Categories, Specialty Areas and Work Roles as defined by the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Cybersecurity Workforce Framework. It provides a common language to speak about cyber roles and jobs and can be referenced to define professional requirements in cybersecurity.


Project Ares Video

Course Outline and Learning Objectives

  • Overview of The Attack Life Cycle
  • The Threat and Vulnerability Landscape
  • Threat Intelligence Life Cycle and Analysis
  • Principles of Configuration Assessment
  • Principles of Vulnerability Assessment
  • Principles of Credential Asset Risk
  • Selecting Risk Measurement Standards
  • Identifying Vulnerability States
  • Trusted Sources of Vulnerability Intelligence
  • The Vulnerability Assessment Program
  • Network Reconnaissance: Program Design
  • Network Reconnaissance: Program Development
  • Network Reconnaissance: Program Deployment
  • Network Reconnaissance: Program Operations
  • Network Reconnaissance: Program Architecture
  • Managing Regulation, Compliance, and Risk

Course Training Materials

  • Exam Prep Guide
    Course Workbook & Labs
  • Self-Guided Lab Exercises
    Instructor-Led Lab Exercises
  • Practice Assessment Quizzes
    Knowledge Assessment Exam
  • Course Certification Document
    40-Hour CPE Credit Certificate

Knowledge Assessment Exam

At the conclusion of classroom courses, students will be prepared to sit for the knowledge assessment exam. The online examination will consist of True/False, Multiple Choice, and Fill in the Blank questions. The exam will be given on the final day of the certification course.

Students will have two hours to complete a computer-based examination consisting of 100 questions. A score of 70% or higher is required to earn the certification. Upon successful completion of the exam, students will be sent a hardcopy of their certification and their CPE credit documentation via email (PDF format) within 72-hours of the exam date.

The examination is “closed book.” However, students will be allowed to use their notes on material presented during the course as well as their Course Workbooks.