Compliance is more complex than ever, times are uncertain, and the business landscape is changing. Many organizations are reducing budgets which mean some things just can't get done like they were previously, and that includes compliance. This increases the risk of non-compliance and increases the likelihood of future fines, penalties, and sanctions when cuts are made indiscriminately.
When you focus on your organization’s key compliance risks with the highest impact and make them your priority, you’ll reduce future surprises and keep compliance top of mind. You'll get the best coverage and bang for the buck across the various regulations, standards, laws, audit guidelines, contractual agreements, etc.
Some of the areas we will discuss include:
Customization: Create your own custom framework that reflects your organization’s compliance priorities.
Gap Analysis: Drastically reduce audit requirements by comparing Authority Documents to find gaps between regulations and eliminate redundant Controls.
Audits: Audit once and attest multiple times. Compliance tasks are often redundant across multiple requirements; you can eliminate duplicating your efforts by asserting compliance across multiple Authority Documents simultaneously.
You’ll walk away with some tactics you can start implementing right away to reduce costs and streamline processes while still achieving your compliance objectives.
Dorian Cougias
Lead Analyst
Unified Compliance Framework
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