Providing Next Generation Solutions to Cybersecurity Challenges

Circadence® Corporation is a market leader in next-generation cybersecurity education and training. Circadence has leveraged its history of software advancement, multi-player game development, and a deep understanding of application optimization to offer Project Ares® - the only fully-immersive, AI-powered, cybersecurity training and assessment platform in the market today.

Circadence addresses the following challenges in today’s cybersecurity education and training:

  • Scalability
  • High costs
  • Skills retention
  • Threat sourcing
  • Availability

With 41 patents, Circadence’s solutions modernize outdated and largely generic cybersecurity training with an advanced online gaming platform that delivers persistent, immersive, and true-to-life experiences that match and adapt to contemporary threat environments. Circadence uniquely combines machine learning, single- and multi-player gamification, and offensive and defensive cybersecurity missions that mirror real-life scenarios and environments into a 24/7 online platform.





Cyber Workforce Readiness

Cybersecurity teams require real-time opportunities to practice skills and hone tactics. Project Ares addresses this need through a fully-immersive, gamified training platform. It is designed to appeal to the learning style of the next generation and can quickly and easily add new missions to address rapidly changing threats, tactics and tools.

Skill & Tool Training

  • The constantly-evolving Mission Library offers offensive and defensive scenarios at varying levels of difficulty
  • A fully-loaded Media Center provides cybersecurity educational content via videos, documents and key sites
  • Games provide specific skill practice (work role certifications, matching log ports and protocols, and more)

Team Training

  • Trainer view to shadow or engage players
  • Chat service provided for advisor interaction and team play
  • Player performance is recorded and awarded by a showcase of skills, trophies and badges

Cutting-Edge Machine Learning

  • In-game advisor for guidance through game
  • Automated adversary responds to players
  • Automated scoring of player and opponent actions with replay for objective assessment
  • Player actions drive models on best tactics

High-Fidelity Cyber Range Capability

  • Each mission spins up an individual cyber range
  • Public and private back-end cloud technology for mission storage
  • HTML5 web browser client, compatible with Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari browsers
  • Orion, the Mission Builder, allows organizations to create new missions