Process Control Systems

Process control systems (PCS) are at the heart of your production operations and ensure you can safely and reliably deliver to your customers and to your bottom line. However these critical systems, traditionally proprietary and unconnected to the outside world, increasingly use modern commercial off the shelf technologies (COTS) such as Windows and Ethernet. Combined with the growing demand for connectivity between PCS and business systems there are now tangible threats to the security of these vital systems.

To address the particular needs of process control security, we work with our partners who have combined decades of experience from working with process control systems with a deep understanding of the energy industry to develop their world-class Process Security methodology that will help you to:

  • Understand why organizations need to take action
  • Assess where they are now and identify where they want to be
  • Understand and mitigate the risks
  • Implement and sustain the required changes to policies and procedures, security culture and technology


Our Process Control Systems security services cover the following areas

  • ACL reviews
  • Anti-virus & OS patching
  • Application Whitelisting software
  • Business Impact Assessment
  • ICS eLearning Programs
  • Disaster Recovery Program
  • Gap Assessment
  • Security Policy
  • ICS Firewall implementation & Review
  • Penetration testing of Process Control Systems
  • Policy & procedures Development
  • Network redesign & implementation
  • Risk Assessment
  • Security Roadmap for ICS
  • Vulnerability Assessment for ICS
  • Situation review
  • Training
  • Vendor management