Regulatory Compliance & Assurance

The need for organizations to measure and report on regulatory compliance is growing; and we assist customers in implementing necessary measures across regulatory requirements issued by NESA/SIA, ADSIC, GDPR, DFSA, ISR, ECC, SAMA and QCERT. In addition to these we also assist customers on bespoke engagements that maybe industry or region specific.


We actively support the National Electronic Security Authority (NESA) & Abu Dhabi Systems & Information Centre (ADSIC) in their ongoing commitment to protect the national cyberspace of the UAE. In line with their mandate to raise the minimum level of Information Assurance NESA has published the Information Assurance Standards (IAS) across the multiple sectors in UAE and ADSIC the Abu Dhabi Information Security Standard(ADISS). We have mapped the requirements in an easy to implement format for our customers. We have mapped the requirements across the three facets of Information Security – People, Process & Technology. We believe that equal importance needs to be provided to all three facets in order to have an information security program that is comprehensive, sustainable and effective.